PACT statement on Adoption UK/BBC Survey

Adoption changes the lives of hundreds of people every year and provides stability and security for some of society’s most vulnerable children. The survey carried out by Adoption UK and the BBC found that nine out of 10 adopters said they were glad they adopted.

Media reports about the survey also highlighted that many adoptive families are living with difficult issues including violent behaviour. PACT recognises that alongside the joys of adopting there are sometimes challenges. When children have experienced trauma in their early lives before being adopted there is always a risk that this may impact their behaviour later on.

PACT prides itself on its adoption support services, including its award-winning therapeutic support service FACTS, to help its families prepare for adoption and for life afterwards.

PACT offers a comprehensive training programme for adopters and has therapeutically trained social workers on hand to support families, including those dealing with complex behaviour and violence.

PACT is about to launch its innovative Online Adoption Support Service which includes e-learning, one-to-one live peer support, adopter forums and webinars. We hope this offers adoptive families even more vital support when they need it.

PACT welcomes the government’s commitment to adoption support, including the Adoption Support Fund, which provides funding for therapeutic support.