Oli Fitzgerald

Oli and his wife Ruth became parents through PACT after adopting their daughter in 2018. Ruth has also worked for PACT since 2022 so the charity has a significant place in the family’s lives.  

Oli used to play football regularly but stopped in his mid-20s. Training has been challenging for him, especially having to balance the work, family and training dynamic but Oli said: “It’s been a good way to clear some of my podcast backlog.” 

When asked what he is most looking forward to, Oli said: “The finish line! Everybody that I know who has previously run the marathon has mentioned how unique the day is, being cheered on by 1000s.  

“It’s unlikely I ever do anything like this again so absorbing the atmosphere of the day has to be it.”

He said: “Our family wouldn’t be what it is without the work and efforts of PACT. Our daughter is our life, so the money being raised will help others achieve the same completeness. Not to mention the integral community work they do locally. The amount you’re able or willing to donate doesn’t matter, it is all greatly appreciated.”