John Pierce’s Memorial Fund

One year ago, John Pierce passed away unexpectedly from Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome. His death was shocking and devastating for the many people who knew and loved him.

John spent his life helping others. He cared deeply about his local community in Tower Hamlets and was a local councillor for Bethnal Green’s Weavers Ward where he made a positive impact on many lives. John was also passionate about helping young people and volunteered for his neighbourhood Beavers.

Before he passed away, John was embarking on his dream of becoming a parent. He was in the process of adopting with PACT and his adoptive son had just been placed with him, which made his death even more heart-breaking.

Following John’s death, many people wanted to make a donation in his memory. John’s friends and family created the John Pierce Memorial Fund to honour his life and continue his legacy of helping others. His family and friends identified PACT as one of four charities which were close to John’s heart.

We are incredibly grateful to the many people who have donated or fundraised in John’s name to support the work of PACT and other charities. Over the past year, individuals from across the UK and Ireland have come together to raise over £22,000 which was split between PACT, the British Heart Foundation, the Irish Heart Foundation and the local Beaver group, with PACT receiving £5,670. This amazing achievement was made possible thanks to the incredible efforts of John’s wide community of friends and family.

One of John’s close friends, Elaine, was instrumental in setting up the Memorial Fund. Elaine said:

“PACT were incredibly supportive throughout the adoption process and John’s family requested that an equal share of the funds are given to enable them to continue the great work that they do.”

Thank you so much to John’s family, friends and communities for choosing to support PACT’s work and keep John’s passion and legacy alive.

John Pierce’s Memorial Fund is still accepting donations; you can read more about John and make a contribution here.

If you would like to make a donation directly to PACT, visit our donation page here.