How we make a difference

Adoption services

In 2022-23 at PACT…

We placed


children with


loving, permanent adoptive families

63 children

63%were in sibling groups

40 children

34%were aged 5 years and older

21 children

29%were of Black, Asian and minority ethnicities

18 children

More achievements from our adoption services…

  • We received 1043 enquiries from prospective adopters
  • 577 people came to one of our 25 information events
  • We received 56 applications from prospective adopters and approved 58 individuals and couples to become adoptive parents
  • Of the 41 placements we made, 25% were through Foster for Adoption, 34% were with individuals or couples who identified as LGBTQ+ and 22% were with families of faith
  • 70 adoption orders were made.

“As we say to the children daily, we may not always have enough arms/hands/laps… but there is always enough love and that is what counts.”

“She may be disabled and she may be adopted, but that is all just one part of who she is. She is my family and we are hers.”

“Adopting siblings can be so worthwhile. They’ve always got each other… If you know in your heart that you want children, go for it. It’s not easy, but parenting isn’t!”