Families of faith

PACT is one of the largest independent adoption agencies in England. In 2020 PACT placed 89 children with their forever family. All adopters can benefit from PACT's adoption support services including our Strengthening Families Team, The Adopter Hub and FACTS, PACTs therapeutic support service.

PACT approves many families of faith to become adopters and is experienced in assessing and matching adopters of all faiths and none.

Home For Good | Best Adoption Agencies | Adoption ServicesPACT has a long history of working with families interested in Christian adoption and have partnered with Home for Good to encourage more Christian families and those who attend church to think about growing their family through adoption. PACT staff have also been trained by Home for Good founder, Krish Kandiah, in order for them to enhance their understanding of the Christian community and any concerns they may have about the adoption process. For more information on PACT's history and connection to the Oxford Diocese, visit our History page.

Home for Good is not an adoption agency, but works with PACT to create the Home for Good pathway to adoption. Recommended by Home for Good and considered ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, PACT is committed to providing a faith-friendly service and offers fantastic post-adoption support, for life.


This is what one mum said about adopting as a Christian:

“[My church] welcomed my boys with open arms and were keen to understand the particular needs of adopted children. Other adoptive families in the wider church community made particular effort to come alongside us with shared experience and empathy. Their prayers and practical help have seen me through the season of adjustment and their ongoing support enables me to balance full-time work and full-time motherhood.

 “My own faith has been deepened and enriched through the whole process. Theologically adoption is an important concept; in church we talk about how God has loved us and made us his children through Jesus. But when you actually take a child into your home, give them your name, write them into your will and nurture them with unconditional love, you feel the reality of God's love for you in a completely new way.”Joy, Vicar and adoptive mum of two

Below are some case studies from Christian individuals and couples who chose to adopt through PACT.

Curate David and his wife Hannah adopted in 2018 Vicar Joy adopted two brothers in 2016

Case Study | Best Adoption Agency

Emma adopted Josh following a Foster for Adoption placement Rose and Simon adopted their son in 2020

In this video, PACT's Adopter Diversity Recruitment Officer Grace Gomez speaks about her role reaching out to specific communities and encouraging more people to consider adoption.


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