Readiophonics is an award-winning a cappella group based in Reading. When they performed at PACT’s Christmas Carol Concert in December 2023, members of Readiophonics were inspired by the life changing work we do and made us their charity for their Big Gig in March. 

‘That’s Christmas to Me’ was one of the many songs included in their Big Gig set-list, and they donned Christmas hats and tinsel to celebrate the PACT families who got to celebrate their first Christmas together. By the end, an amazing £755 was raised to support us. 

They said: “We, at Readiophonics, were touched by the work that you’ve done in 2023. A lot of our members have young families and we would like to highlight that work in our Big Gig in March.” 

We would like to thank everyone in Readiophonics for their amazing efforts – you are all stars and are so worthy of being our Supporter of the Month!    

If you are interested in volunteering or hosting an event to support PACT’s work, please get in touch with our team at