Adopter stories

PACT has been operating as an independent adoption charity since the 1950s and has helped to grow hundreds of families.

Many PACT families have agreed to share their adoption stories with us. Click on a family below to read their story or use the filter to search for particular family situations.

* Some names and details have been changed for confidentiality reasons

Emily and Ben adopted their daughter in 2020

Emily and Ben live in Oxfordshire with their gorgeous daughter, Dotty-Rose, and their elderly black cat, Baggy. Dotty came to live with them in November 2020...

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Francesca adopted her daughter Phoebe in 2018

Francesca* brought her daughter Phoebe* home in October 2018. Adoption was her first choice as a path to parenthood...

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Rose and Simon are a Christian couple who adopted during the 2020 pandemic

Rose* and Simon* adopted their son Jay* in 2020 when he was 14 months old. Rose is a secondary school music teacher and Simon is a church minister...

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Emma and Fahmi adopted after having a birth child

Emma and Fahmi had their first child, Aliya, a year into their relationship and 15 years later they adopted their second child, Samir...

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Darren adopted as a single father

Darren* is a 43-year-old single father who became a dad to his son Finn* in early 2017 when he was four years old...

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Anne adopted Maya as a single adopter

Anne is a single adopter who brought her daughter Maya* home in May 2019 when she was 13 months old. Anne works as a children’s nurse and has always wanted to be a mum...

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Tam and Katrina adopted two boys

Katrina and Tam are a lesbian couple who adopted two boys, aged 20 months and six months, through PACT...

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NHS workers Phil and Gareth adopted Ben

Phil and Gareth are a same sex couple who adopted their son Ben* through PACT in 2019...

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Zena and Jamie adopted Rico when he was two-and-a-half

Zena is of mixed white New Zealand and Maori heritage and Jamie is white British. They adopted Rico, who is also mixed heritage, at age two and a half...

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David and Hannah adopted three children under four years old

Curate David* and his wife Hannah* adopted three children under four years old through PACT...

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Chloe and Dan adopted baby Megan through PACT’s Foster for Adoption scheme

Chloe* and Dan* adopted Megan* through PACT following a Foster for Adoption placement. Megan was five weeks old when she was placed with them...

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Gemma and Phil adopted five year-old Emily and her baby brother

After adopting five-year-old Emily*, Gemma* and her husband Phil* were approached by PACT a year later to see if they could adopt Emily's new baby brother...

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Michelle and Phil adopted their second child Charlie through the Foster for Adoption process

Michelle* and Phil* have a five-year-old adopted daughter, Mia*, and are now applying to adopt 21-month-old Charlie* who they have been fostering...

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Jacqui adopted seven-year-old Sadie

Jacqui adopted Sadie, who was seven years old, through PACT in 2014. Three years later she adopted seven-year-old Lara through a local authority...

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Emma adopted Josh through PACT’s Foster for Adoption scheme

Emma* adopted Josh* through PACT in 2018 when he was nine-and-a-half months old following a Foster for Adoption placement...

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Same sex couple Eddie and Jody adopted brothers Harry and Leyton

Eddie and his partner Jody approached PACT following the advice of New Family Social, the UK network for LGBT+ adoptive and foster families...

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