Adoption stories

These are just some of the adoption stories about PACT families. To begin your adoption journey with PACT download a guide to adoption

  • Neil and Matt adopted Joe, who has autism

  • Georgia is a single adopter

  • Brian and Andy are a gay couple

  • Colin and Margaret became grandparents again through adoption

  • Susan and Leyton

  • Eleanor and Chris adopted William who has additional needs

  • Emma adopted Josh through PACT's Foster for Adoption scheme

  • Jacqui adopted seven-year-old Sadie

  • Gemma and Phil adopted five year-old Emily

  • Chloe and Dan adopted baby Megan through PACT's Foster for Adoption scheme

  • Jonathan and Katherine adopted a sibling group of three who needed to stay together

  • David and Hannah adopted three children under four years old

  • Joanne has adopted three children with additional needs

  • Sally and Peter adopted Ellie who has Down's Syndrome

  • Helen and Andrew adopted siblings

  • Hannah and Darren adopted Katie aged four

  • Alison is a single lesbian adopter

  • Safia and Idris are a Muslim family