Colin and Margaret became grandparents again through adoption

Colin and Margaret became grandparents to seven-year-old Oscar and two-year-old Jack in the summer of 2017 when the boys were placed with the couple’s daughter Susan and her partner Faye.

The couple, who have four other grandchildren, said they were absolutely delighted when Susan and Faye started the adoption process with PACT.

They said meeting Oscar and Jack for the first time was a very special moment.

“We had feelings of excitement as well as concerns however the first meeting with them went really well – in fact they referred to us as Nanna and Grandad straight away.”

Colin and Margaret said they love being grandparents.

“We love treating all our grandchildren and seeing them all regularly. It’s great to be involved in helping them to develop and learn things.”

Colin and Margaret said the whole family had been very well supported by PACT through the adoption process, and that they would definitely recommend the agency to other families considering adoption.

“PACT has been very supportive, and that support is ongoing.”

They have both attended PACT’s Family and Friends course, which they said had been incredibly helpful, and had given them a really valuable insight into the specific needs of adopted children and how to develop an attachment with them.

They said: “It opened our eyes to a whole host of things and we quickly realised that adopted children have to be treated as very special.”

“It is a real learning curve – and hopefully we are going in the right direction.

“We love our two new grandchildren and they seem to love us as well.”