Sean and Mac

15 years ago, Sean and his wife embarked on a life-changing journey with PACT by becoming parents through adoption. Their family was lovingly expanded when they welcomed their son, Mac, into their arms and hearts.

Recognising the invaluable role that PACT played in helping them create their family, Sean and Mac are now committed to giving back to the organisation. To celebrate Mac’s adoption anniversary they run the Blenheim 7K Fun Run every year. Sean started the tradition running it solo in 2018, and now they run it together. They have raised hundreds of pounds to support the work we do in assisting families through the adoption process and beyond. This year they raised £405 by taking part in the race!

Sean said: “PACT supported us through a very complex situation for Mac’s adoption and then later linked us to his sister, who we also adopted 5 years later. We will always be eternally grateful and doing these runs feels like a small way to show our appreciation.”

We are incredibly grateful to Sean and Mac for their unwavering support, their inspiring journey, and their commitment to making a difference. You embody the spirit of family, love, and community that we hold dear at PACT. You are PACT superstars!

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