Jonathan and Katherine adopted a sibling group of three who needed to stay together

Jonathan and Katherine, from Banbury, adopted three sisters through PACT in 2013. At the time the girls were 3, 2 and 1 years old.  The couple are in their mid 30s and had been married for four years when they chose to adopt after not being able to have children naturally. They are both Christians and attend church regularly where the girls have been welcomed and attend Sunday school. Katherine particularly enjoys attending Children and Toddler groups where she can chat to other mums and get support.

Katherine explains: “The girls haven’t had the best start in life but as they have been adopted at a young age, they have only sketchy memories of their early years.  But we are open about their adoption and encourage them to ask questions.  Our eldest daughter remembers the time when they were waiting for a ‘new mummy and daddy’.

“Katherine explained: “We are delighted to be parents, thanks to PACT, and we are fortunate to be able to give a home to these three lovely girls. We knew we wanted a big family. It was hard reading about children waiting to be adopted but we had a really positive feeling about the three girls when we first read about them. Now we have such a strong bond with them, they are part of our family and it’s a privilege to be their mum.”